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Book directly on our interactive planning your seat in classroom code or an on-line session of code course. If you can not come to our driving school we invite you to book an online session, you will receive online instructions from our certified instructors directly at your home, at your workplace or anywhere in the world. Online courses can be bought individually or at special price by 10-coupon. Attendance to the code classes in our driving school is reserved for students already enrolled in our school.

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For online code class only you can get a discount by purchasing a Booking Pass of 10 x 2 hours courses at discount price, follow this link…

Booking code class at schoolCourses in blue are courses at the driving school in Suresnes. If after booking your course, you realize that you could not attend the course, we thank you for canceling your reservation quickly.

Courses in red are code class online. The online session can take place if there are more than 3 students, if it is not the case this session will be automatically canceled. If you can not attend this class after booking, we thank you for canceling your reservation. Your booking cannot be canceled within 48 hours before the start of the course.