Please note the different type of classes according to the colors :

  • GREY : Online class in French;
  • BLUE : Code class at school;
  • GREEN : INTRODUCTION CLASS (general one);
  • ORANGE : Go through the RULES with our code book;
  • BROWN : Answer to your QUESTIONS about the RULES;
  • PINK : SLOW exercises with series like the exam;
  • PURPLE : SPEED exercises with series like the exam;
  • PALE GREEN : Welcome class online.

Instructions how to book a class (all online at the moment), you just need to:

  • Select the course you want to book from the calendar;
  • Make sure your booking pass is selected (when you don’t have anymore ask us)
  • And then click on “Book” button. That’s all.
You need to be logged in to redeem your booking passes.