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YOU ARE INTERESTED TO JOIN OUR SCHOOL ? START ONLINE : or contact us : 01 45 06 31 17 and make an appointment before coming.

For everyone’s safety, following the sanitary conditions, most of the CODE CLASSES are still ONLINE to keep you preparing for your French license. (When you don’t have any more credit, contact us, we will load more).

We propose also classes at the school but with a small number of students. If you book those classes and cannot come, please cancel to leave space for others.

For the PRACTICAL LESSONS, each student must come with a MASK and will have to keep it during the lesson, and during the actual exam. Before starting the course, the student will clean the important controls with disinfectant.

GET OUR CODE BOOK, we pack it carefully.

Keep the barrier gestures, wash you hands and wear a mask.

You are interested to join our school ? start online et get our code book..

Thank you all for your patience and confidence.

Opening hours, news and vacation time.

Opening hours

Important informations,
News, Canceled class,
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New French highway code book 2016-2017

French highway code book NEW EDITION

Road rules and regulations handbooks for your succes in practice test.

Web training for driving theory test practice.

Online driving test 2020

Web training online for driving theory test practice covering the French Theory Test questions.

Online code class for driving in France

Booking your code class at school or online

Now you can book your code class at school or online if you can not come to our driving school.

Booking pass 5 hours code class online

Save time and money

Booking Pass for 5 hours online code class session

Driving School theory and practice

Driving School Contrats

Driving School can assist you with a variety of french custom theory and driving practice needs.

Driving practice

Driving practice

Your driving practice for french license or driving training in France.

VIP private driving school lessons

VIP Private Lessons

VIP private lesson for theory and practice driving in France and your french license.

French license for driving in France

French Licence for driving in France

Most recognized and experienced school.

Driving license translation

Driving license translation

Official license translation in french for driving in France.

Professional multilingual teaching

Quality label

Guarantee the quality of the training provided to students.

International driving school since 1985

Formation en français

Auto Ecole depuis 1985