Online french technical questions about the car in English


This is the list of all questions about the car that you will have during the driving test.

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During the practical exam the driving examiner  will ask you in French 2 questions (out of a list of 100) about the car, one check inside and one check outsite the car.

This section has been designed to help you through this element of the practical test.

In order to succed your driving license you need to have a minimum of 20 points out of 31. With this online training about French technical questions about the car you get familiarized with French terms, become an expert on these issues and easily get 3 points. ( a candidate will not fail a driving test for a wrong answer)

Continue to learn those technical questions and answers about the car in ENGLISH at home without stress and get ready to take the real test !

In this online lesson and test you will learn all the “Show Me/ Tell Me” ¬†technical questions about :

  • Control engine ( ex : identify where you check the coolant, and the level )
  • Dashboard of the car ( ex : turn on the parking lights and show the symbol on dash board)
  • Equipments of the car (ex :show how to adjust the Head restraint)
  • Front of the car ( ex : check the state of the license plate)
  • Back of the car ( ex : check the brake lights)
  • Side of the car (ex : check the state, the cleanest and the fonctioning of the blinkers)