Help summary

– How to book your course on the calendar?
– Where can you see your bookings?
– Will I receive a confirmation email?
– Where can I buy a coupon to book my course online?

How to book your course on the calendar?

Go to this page: and follow the indications in the image below.

After clicking on the “Book” button, your booking will be in the cart for 30 minutes, after which time it will be available again on the calendar if you have not completed the booking process.

After having booked your date in the calenda, your booking will appear in the Cart as below. If you have a coupon to pay this booking, it will also appear in this cart. In this case you just have to click on the coupon to use it to pay your booking.

After clicking on your coupon, your discount appear in the cart details. The total amount still to pay is 0 € and you just have to proceed to checkout to confirm your booking.

Now you just have to place the order in order to definitively book your course.

Now your booking is complete, as indicated below with all the booking and payment details.

Where can you see and change your bookings?

After having clicked on “My Booking” you can see all your bookings. If you wish to postpone a course, simply click on the link “Reschedule” corresponding to the booking and click on a new date in the small calendar that will be displayed.

Will I receive a confirmation email ? YES !

After booking your course, you will receive a confirmation email and a booking confirmation email as below.

One day before your course, you will also receive a notification by e-mail to remind you of your booking.

Where can I buy a coupon to book my course online?

You can find coupon for online code class by following the link below.