French-European driving lesson for beginners in English


Contract for actual beginner.

special price for 18/25 years old : 2000 €

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Is driving complicate ?
Just like anything else, nothing is complicated to accomplish when you’ve set your mind to it. you are a teenager or an adult, often at the beginning you may have fear of getting behind the wheel. The FEHRENBACH DRIVING SCHOOL team guarantees the best motivation towards our students to get up and drive. It is crucial to keep in mind the rules of defense driving while  operating a vehicle among other drivers on the road. Our instructors will teach you the best possible ways to drive with focus and defense.

you can start learning from 17 years old, and be ready to take the final driving test from your 18th anniversary.
we will prepare you for the theoretical test, and learn to you how to drive. you can choose a manual car  or automatic car can be useful and easier..

This contract includes :

Unlimited collective code classes in English at the Driving School.
10 online code classes of 2 hours.
1 assistance for the written test with English translator
government tax
21 hours of driving practice with manual or automatic car
1 assistance for the driving test
1 FRENCH HIGHWAY CODE BOOK  written in english +  web-training.
Administrative procedure.

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