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For executives or experienced drivers who have a limited amount of time and are unable to attend the normal collective classes times. At the FEHRENBACH DRIVING SCHOOL we propose to train you in 3 or 4 private code sessions before the written test.

This contract  includes approximately 12 hours of code class spread out over several days immediately preceding the code test in a session for non-francophone  with an English  translator. If  necessary, there will be  another 4 h of private code class before another code test with the translator 15 days minimum later.

Regarding the practical part, you will have 8 hours of driving class with manual or automatic car,followed by 1 driving test. If necessary there will be another practical session of  6 hours and another driving test 15 days minimum  later.

For your home work you will study our  FRENCH HIGHWAY CODE BOOK  written in english and our WEB training in  English.

We handle the administrative procedure with the Prefecture and assist you for both written and practice tests.

the FEHRENBACH DRIVING SCHOOL can offer the training for groups :

One group of 2 people 5 500 € TTC
One group of 3 people 7 590 € TTC
One group of 4 / 5 people 10 000 TTC
One group of 6/7 people 12 000 € TTC
One group of 8 people 13 500 € TTC

Supplemental cost for sunday code classes and after 8 pm week code classes :
for 1 or 2 person 20 € /hour
for more than 2 persons  40 € /hour
Traveling expenses if the course is not at the school : 600 €

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