Driving school course for experienced drivers in English


Contract for people who has already a home country license.

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This course will prepare you to obtain the French European license.
Since you have already a home country license, the FEHRENBACH DRIVING SCHOOL  team  will teach you how to pass the two required tests, more than teach you how to drive.
First of all we will prepare you for the theoretical exam that  you will take in a session for non- francophone. You will attend  as many code classes as necessary until you pass the written test. You will do your home work by studying the French rules with  our FRENCH HIGHWAY CODE BOOK and the interactive training all in English.
For the driving part, should you drive a manual car, we must be sure that you can handle and manage correctly the gear box.You will become  familiar with the same roads used for the driving test. The FEHRENBACH DRIVING SCHOOL team will do everything possible to help our students pass the French-European driving license.

the contract includes :
Unlimited collectives english code classes at the Driving school.
10 online code classes of 2hours.
8 hours of driving practice.
accompaniment for 1 written test with translator
government tax
accompaniment for 1 driving test with one of our car with dual control.   .
1 code book written in english,  web-training in english.
Administrative procedures.

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